Clean out Covers: A must have plumbing solution!

Clean out covers are the best plumbing equipment that help provide a very easy access for the maintenance and inspection uses. The American Built Pro plastic Cleanout Cover plate is very easy to install and customize. The cover plates are made up of high-impact plastic. They are easy to install and fit in the flush with the wall to conceal the recessed cleanout plug. This wall stop protects the walls from opening and closing the doors. It is a budget friendly solution to the expensive damage that the door levers can cause to an unprotected wall. It can even be painted over as per the user’s choice.

The dimensions of the clean out cover plate by ABP is:

  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Size: 4.25 Inch, 5.25 Inch, 7.25 Inch, 9.25 Inch

If you are also thinking of buying clean up cover plates in the USA that can make plumbing easy and organized, then American Built pro is the absolute place. Visit our store at the official site. You can also buy it from Amazon.

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About Manufacturer-

 It is a USA-based company which deals with Plumbing and construction products. The company offers customization in their products according to the customer’s choice. The best thing about the company is that it uses recyclable plastic and is made up of sustainable and environment-friendly products.

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