Super Duper Utility Tub Boxes by American Built Pro

Are you a very systematic person who loves to keep stuff in an organized manner but is facing space constraints? We can understand that it can be very frustrating for a methodical person to have his stuff scattered all around. To fix all of these user issues, American built pro has brought to you the best-in-class brand new utility tub boxes that can be used for organizing things and is specifically designed to fit perfectly in small spaces.



American Built Pro’s Stackable storage bins are made of high quality, impact-resistant and superior polyethylene plastic. We are a leading Utility Tub Box Wholesale Manufacturer providing utility tub boxes with a good deformation resisting property, a large bearing and storage capacity, and can be used for many years without any breakage. They won’t rust or corrode, and are very passive so that it would not be damaged by acids, harsh chemicals, or oils.

Tubs (Black styrene tubs)

Tubs (Universal Tub – Mix-a-Crete)

American built pro is a globally leading manufacturer of high-quality utility tub boxes that can be bought both in bulk as well as for private use. Here is why you should prefer American built pro products to any other leading manufacturer:

  • American built pro uses patented durable and scratch-resistant material for all our products to certify top-quality end products.
  • Ideal for use in RVs, Manufacture Housing, boats, bars, and any vanity unit.
  • Available in 2 types – Black Styrene Tubs and Universal Tub – Mix-a-Crete.

The other information regarding the size and dimensions are as follows:


Part #




Plastic Tub Box


in-cavity pipe setting/cementing/utility

17″ x 7″



Plastic Tub Box


in-cavity pipe setting/cementing/utility

12″ x 8″ x 6″ Deep


Utility Tub/mix-a-crete


Large Utility Tub/mix-a-Crete

26″ x 20 x 7″



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About Manufacturer-

ABP is a USA-based company that deals with plumbing and construction products. We offer customization in our products according to the customer’s choice. Our products are useful for both residential and commercial purposes. We provide high-quality products with 100% assurance. We use recyclable plastic and make sustainable and environment-friendly products.

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