Pet potty pad- makes training of pets easy

American built pro pet potty pads are a type of home improvement product. It is made by inserting artificial grass only. It is very easy to install and also easy to clean. It is the best way to train your pets. You can buy  pet potty pad in USA at American built pro, which can make dog training easier. It eases the work of busy pet parents. It is very suitable for indoor dog potty training. It is the perfect choice for a compact apartment. It is most suitable for dogs or pets who can not relieve themselves in the toilets. It is very easy to break into dogs and puppies. It is made up of artificial turf and it can be recycled. It contains heavy gauge high impact plastic. It has green artificial grass inserted just outside. It is perfect for all small to large pets. It has 2 layers, one of grass and the other one is of plastic. It contains extra soft grass. It also contains drainage holes. It can be washed very easily. It can also fit into a small space.  It is corrosion and rust free. It also has raised ribs which help to elevate the grass to drain water and urine.


30″” X 28″” x 1″” (measured outside top of pan)

Key features

  • Washable
  • Heavy gauze
  • Recycled plastic
  • Sustainable plastic sourcing
  • Drainage hole
  • Two layers
  • Extra soft grass

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ABP is a USA-based company that deals with home improvement, plumbing and construction products. We offer customization in our products according to the customer’s choice. Our products are useful for both residential and commercial purposes. We provide high-quality products with 100% assurance. We use recyclable plastic and make sustainable and environment-friendly products.

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